Associate Consultant

MSc, BSc

Nilay specialises in critical habitat assessment, biodiversity impact assessment, environmental compliance, management and monitoring processes in line with standards of international finance institutions.

Having provided consultancy services to developers, lenders, and environmental consultancies for over 10 years, Nilay’s expertise lies in guiding projects to comply with international environmental and social standards, guidelines, best practices, and implementing an integrative negotiation and mediation approach involving different stakeholders.

She has considerable experience in leading biodiversity surveys, monitoring and restoration programmes, conducting ecological assessments and designing project-specific management responses. She regularly develops biodiversity action plans, management and monitoring plans, and offset strategies, applying extensive research and reporting skills. With a focus on biodiversity, she has also managed environmental and social impact assessment processes for large-scale renewable energy, infrastructure, oil and gas, and mining projects.

Nilay’s academic background in biology and environmental sciences exposed her to multicultural settings, which she continues to enjoy through collaboration with colleagues in her native Turkey and from around the world.

Nilay Aygüney