Nikki Phair


BSc, MSc, PhD

Nikki has recently completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship and PhD in Molecular Ecology and brings 7 years of research experience to TBC. She looks forward to building her expertise in consultancy and working at the interface of biodiversity and business.

During her postdoctoral fellowship, she managed a project exploring the use of cutting-edge molecular metabarcoding techniques to evaluate and monitor biodiversity in one of the largest estuarine systems in South Africa. Nikki has been involved in organising regional capacity building workshops among conservation managers and academics. In addition, she also has experience mentoring students and presenting research to diverse audiences at international conferences.

Nikki’s PhD was centred around a southern African seagrass, which is both an important ecosystem service provider and under threat due to human and climate related pressures. Here she looked at the vulnerability, resilience and adaptive potential of this species with a focus on management for the conservation of ecosystem functioning

As an artist and avid nature enthusiast, Nikki sees her passion for the natural world as the motivation for her academic research and the driver going forward in her career.

Nikki Phair