Musa Magala


MSc, BSc (hons), BSc

Musa is a seasoned environmental consultant with a strong background in sustainability strategy, ESG due diligence, sustainability assurance & reporting, and environmental impact assessment.

His extensive experience in sustainability advisory includes the assessment of data quality, and improvements to control systems and processes to support reliability of reported non-financial information.

Musa has also worked with clients to identify sustainability reporting frameworks that support disclosures based on client targets and has helped develop sustainability strategies across a variety of sectors including mining, construction and infrastructure development.

Prior to Joining TBC, Musa also worked as an environmental management specialist with a focus on aquatic ecology. In this role he delivered technical and strategic expertise on a diverse range of projects in the water management and environmental management fields. This included environmental risk assessments, aquatic ecosystems specialist studies and environmental impact assessments.

As with the rest of the team, he is passionate about nature and biodiversity and working to protect the natural spaces he loves.

Musa Magala